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Isaac Sacolick

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Isaac is an author, blogger, thought leader and experienced CIO/CTO available to speak at your next event, moderate panels, facilitate leadership sessions, or lead training programs

Topics that Isaac Sacolick KEYNOTES on

  • Digital leadership 2025 - What leaders must do to ready their organizations for the next wave of digital opportunities and disruption

  • Digital Transformation - The Role of IT in Transforming Organizations

  • Data Driven Organization - Enabling the Smarter, Faster Data Driven Organization

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI in the Enterprise: Finding Winning Business Opportunities

  • Agile and DevOps -  Driving the Digital IT Organization with Agile and DevOps Practices

  • Citizen Development - Building a Smarter, Faster Workforce Through No-Code Technology

  • Emerging Technologies - Using Data to Power Emerging Technologies

  • Other topics: Developing analytics and data products, CIO’s role in driving digital organizations, Scaling agile practices, The digital role of the PMO

Examples of Isaac Speaking

Isaac has spoken events by Gartner, nGage Events, SINC USA, CDM Media and other corporate events. You can hear him on the AMA Edgewise's podcast and on Transformation Talk.

Driving Digital: The CIO's Playbook - Presented at Landmark Ventures CIO Summit

Isaac Sacolick, President, CIO/CDO, Author - StarCIO