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Isaac Sacolick

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Isaac is an author, blogger, thought leader and experienced CIO/CTO available to speak at your next event, moderate panels, facilitate leadership sessions, or lead training programs

Topics that Isaac Sacolick presents on

  • Digital Transformation - Leading digital and technology organizations
  • Agile Transformation - Scaling agile, implementing roles/responsibilities, and instituting planning
  • Product Development - Practices to develop the right products and accelerate delivery to market
  • Data Science - Enabling the data driven organization with citizen data science programs
  • DevOps - Automating the cloud and driving collaboration between developers and engineers
  • Emerging Technologies - How AI, Blockchain, and IoT are enabling new business opportunities
  • Portfolio Management - Running the office of the CIO in the Digital era
  • Big Data - Developing a data architecture to support product development and data science programs  

Previous events

Isaac has spoken at events sponsored by Gartner, Landmark Ventures, ENR, SiiA, nGage, CDM Media, SincUSA, The CIO Global Forum and other events   

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Driving Digital: The CIO's Playbook - Presented at Landmark Ventures CIO Summit

Isaac Sacolick, President, CIO/CDO, Author - StarCIO