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Driving Digital Transformation

You are a digital leader!

Drive smarter, faster, innovative transformation programs that deliver results!

While it's hard enough to get everyone aligned on a digital strategy, it is the execution and change management program that drives results. StarCIO partners with leaders, change agents, and drivers to transform the organization.

StarCIO offerings: assessments, transformation consulting, workshops, advisory programs, agile tools, and other services that enable the driving digital organization.

StarCIO programs guide digital leaders on new business models, digital products, continuous agile planning, product management, citizen data science programs, proactive data governance, devops, agile portfolio management and innovation programs that drive transformation.

Driving Digital, a collaborative operating model between business, technology, and data teams.

StarCIO "Driving Digital" Practice Areas


Establish the organizational capability to update your digital strategy and execution plans as market conditions evolve. Leverage market research, customer feedback, and analytics to evolve your strategy, adjust priorities and engage the organization on transformational change.


Enable the data driven organization. Mentor "Citizen Data Scientists" to develop dashboards and analytics on your enterprise data. Provide customers with self-service analytics to develop insights and drive loyalty. Educate the organization on using analytics to optimize decision making.


Take new product ideas from concept to MVP. Develop a winning go-to-market strategy and align sales and marketing with data driven practices. Train and mentor product owners, align with agile development, and coach global teams on delivering exceptional products.                 


Establish portfolio management to drive alignment and enable innovation. Formalize IT finances to shift spend from legacy infrastructure to modernized platforms. Mature data management capabilities to support product development and data science programs. Realign organizational structure and practices to accelerate digital transformation. 


Grow agile development teams and practices that deliver new products and ongoing enhancements. Align global development teams to deliver faster, higher quality releases. Roll out StarCIO estimation practices that deliver MVP and ongoing product enhancements.


Go beyond cloud infrastructure and develop the automation required for continuous integration and delivery. Develop a testing strategy and implementation. Monitor the user experience and prioritize improvements. Align IT and product teams on delivering customer needs and operational improvements. 




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