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Agile Transformation

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Agile & DevOps Transformation

Can you say with confidence that your agile teams have the collaboration and practices to deliver on digital transformation priorities?

Do you have an agile planning process that enables a business, technology, and marketing partnership that delivers new and improved customer experiences?

Are your technology teams collaborating and enabling frequent, quality, and stable production releases that can scale on demand?

Agile Delivery and DevOps Practices 

  • Establish and mature agile governance identifying responsibilities, operational standards, and performance indicators

  • Help teams develop architecture standards to leverage common technology platforms

  • Define standard configurations and usage of agile tools and reporting

  • Cloud migration services including assessment, technology selections, selection of managed service providers, and cost optimization services

  • Automate and mature continuous integration and delivery pipelines to enable frequent production releases

  • Enable monitoring and analytics of the customer experience


Agile Planning and Development Practices 

  • Coach executives, business leaders, and technology teams on developing an agile culture and mindset

  • Develops a working process with product management to enable rapid planning of new ideas

  • Help teams brainstorm scenarios and fill agile backlogs with solutions that meet business need

  • Establish an agile planning process and requirements standards on user stories

  • Enable teams to provide estimates on user stories that can be used to measure velocity and forecast roadmaps

  • Align QA with a risk mitigation strategy and develop the automation that drives frequent releases

  • Drive teams to produce and manage to release schedules that deliver transformational results