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About StarCIO Workshops

Brings teams from across the organization to learn, collaborate, question, challenge, and come to a consensus.

The workshops come in five categories and can be done in half day sessions for small groups and in one or two days for larger ones.

  • Digital transformation - A leadership workshop on defining strategy, developing missions, and aligning mindsets.

  • Agile management - Focuses on aligning business, technology, digital, and marketing organizations on defining agile culture, developing roadmaps, and establishing planning practices.

  • DevOps - A technical workshop for developers and engineers on establishing both an "agile" and "stable" mindset and operating platform. Develop a consensus on tools and roadmap for CI/CD, IaC, monitoring and other DevOps practices.

  • Data driven organization - A workshop for both business, data, IT leaders and top data practitioners on the tools and practices to become more data driven. Establish "data governance" and define an "agile" practice for asking questions and answering them with data.

  • Product management - A workshop that helps product teams align product roadmaps with digital strategy, define "MVPs" and create a methodology on working practice with customers, stakeholders and end users.


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